Dedicated to Donna Vivino's Fiyero riff, Alli Mauzey's dumb dance moves, "The Eden" in The Wizard and I, Hayley Podschun's demonic "Elphiiieeeee," and other perfect Wicked things


Kristy Cates / Erin Mackey

Because I’m trying adulthood and these new things called Gainful Employment and A Social Life (as well as attempting to make the acquaintance of their friend Adequate Sleep), I may not post as much in future weeks.

I still have a few posts planned, but don’t be alarmed if I miss your message accidentally. I’ll still reblog things. And if a certain cupcake-loving, Twitter-hating person pops up in the news, of course I’ll post about it.


Could someone talk me through how to send something to an actor in a musical and have them sign it or something and send it back because I want to do it but I have no idea how. ?

Wicked HQ has a NYC address (that is NOT the Gershwin) that you can send mail to for cast members on tour. This is probably safer than sending mail ahead to the theaters the tours are going to. Write her a letter and send a self-addressed stamped envelope with it.


Guess what im gonna see this thursday?!
Jemma Rix and Lucy Durack will be performing in Sydney’s Capitol Theatre and im just so excited!

Alli Mauzey dances through life


everyone go follow americanwitchinlondon for updates from Jenny DiNoia on her wicked adventure in London XD

Jenny DiNoia made another Tumblr blog!! Her story has been the most magical journey. I couldn’t be happier for her.

Hayley Podschun is a real-life Galinda.

Spending way too much on theatre tickets lately.