Dedicated to Donna Vivino's Fiyero riff, Alli Mauzey's E6, "The Eden" in The Wizard and I, Hayley Podschun's demonic "Elphiiieeeee," and other perfect Wicked things


The beautiful and talented Glindas of Broadway!!

Wicked characters - as described by themselves



Natalie Daradich (Glinda) and Anne Brummel (Elphaba) in the Second National Tour.

Just realized I saw Emma Hunton and Curt Hansen on the N2N tour.

I remember Emma played it extra aggressive and angry. Don’t remember Curt, but he had a nice voice. Do remember Alice Ripley.

"I hope you’re happy…"


Forever In Love With Your Voice…

↳ Natalie Daradich

I want to smack people over the head and force them to appreciate Nat Daradich. It is difficult to pick out things of hers that would be good in bite-sized pieces (like Alli’s toss toss, Hayley’s demon voice, Katie’s Thank Goodness, or a Hilty high note). But her overall Glinda is so complete and so believable and so perfect.


#tbt my hunky Fiyero Derrick Williams and I 😍💚

Sometimes I look at my own Wicked Challenge picks and shake my head in disapproval.

Especially the Elphabas…WHERE IS DONNA?