Dedicated to Donna Vivino's Fiyero riff, Alli Mauzey's E6, "The Eden" in The Wizard and I, Hayley Podschun's demonic "Elphiiieeeee," and other perfect Wicked things

The UK Glindas are so elegant.

"He never belonged to you - he doesn’t love you and he never did! He loves me!

In the Alli Popular with Donna, when Galinda says, “Pink goes good with green,” you can clearly hear a kid go, “No, it doesn’t.”

Baby Arcelus for Broadway Elphaba 47.

Baby Arcelus for Broadway Elphaba 47.

We are close to Wicked’s 11th anniversary.

Wtf. Didn’t we JUST have the 10th?


Pretty cool to see the pictures from the Uprising of Love concert at the Gershwin.

Sting may or may not have been performing in the Ozdust Ballroom.



Broadway Softball League, 29/5/08

Your picture-searching powers are impressive.

So sad that Alli’s an Angels fan. I might be able to forgive her because it’s not her fault she’s from Anaheim.