Dedicated to Donna Vivino's Fiyero riff, Alli Mauzey's E6, "The Eden" in The Wizard and I, Hayley Podschun's demonic "Elphiiieeeee," and other perfect Wicked things

  • Do you think Eden read Felicia Ricci’s book, because a good 40% of it was the San Francisco cast fangirling over her?
  • Do you think Alli has watched the ubiquitous bootleg of herself and Donna?


This a cappella ‘Wicked’ medley is witch-perfect

Because we knew Peter Hollens and Nick Pitera, we have been changed for good.

Anonymous said: why would alli's grammar wound your heart?? just curious :-)

Sadly, her subject-verb agreement. But that’s really when she is talking out loud a mile a minute.

Anonymous said: Why doesn't Alli have a Twitter?

Because she hates the fans. </s>

No. She seems like a pretty private person. And from what she’s said in interviews, I think her job is just her job to her. So she may not see the need. Actually, though they have different personalities, I think Chandra and Alli value similar things and may have similar reasons to not have one. I also think that she thinks that people wouldn’t care.

I still want her to get one though, for a few reasons. First, almost all of the younger actors have one these days. She’s already pretty popular with the fans, and I imagine an account would only be beneficial in that regard. It’s also funny to see her friends talking about a show and tagging everybody and then having to hashtag Alli. I also think that a legitimate public presence on social media would actually discourage people from butting into her personal life. And it would be nice to find out about her new projects and concert dates from her without having to aggressively search Google.

Edit: Although I also feel like if she were to get one, Alli’s grammar might wound my heart a little.

Anonymous said: was the girl who played Jojo really short or something because every time I've seen it she's played by a twelve year old

Actually I got a better look at her during Act 2, and she definitely seemed like an older teen, like 17. They have “Muny Teens” and “Muny Kids,” and I think she was/is one of them. You can look at the principal cast. I thought she did well. The only person I didn’t care for was Stephen, but even he fit the character pretty well.

Track: Amayzing Mayzie
Artist: Julia Murney with Kirsten Wyatt
Album: Seussical

It’s 92 degrees, and I’m going to go sit outside in a plastic seat for two hours.


I must really love Julia Murney.

Ahhh, of course, tonight it is 10 degrees cooler and beautiful out.

Anonymous said: what tags do you track?

Alli, Eden, Jackie, KRC, Christine, Julia, and Wicked (even though it’s the worst tag ever), plus a bunch of tags from other topics. I’d track more of the actors if their tags were more active.